We’re here to share the new book Defending DUI: Case Outline and Traffic Manual. This book was created to help readers understand the most relevant issues in DUI and traffic law — quickly and efficiently.

From DUI Stop to Conviction

From stop to conviction, Defending DUI points you to relevant case law in an easy to follow outline format.

Within Defending DUI, you will find caselaw that supports both the Defense and Prosecution. Also included are cases that are considered neutral, but still important to know.

DUI Defense, Prosecution, and Neutral Cases

For each case you will find the complete citation, a brief synopsis of the facts, and an overview of the appellate court's decision.

DUI License Ramifications

Defending DUI also includes a quick reference traffic manual to assist you in determining common license ramifications such as point consequences, suspensions, and reinstatement requirements.

Whether you are researching at home or faced with an issue in court, Defending DUI: Case Outline and Traffic Manual is the must have tool to handle your case.

DUI Research

Defending DUI Book

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